What am I doing wrong with my spare ribs?

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hi gunnar,
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curious, why are you draining and reserving juices? and I would say , yes, a bit over fussy but hey it's what you like to do.  I usually add my liquids in the front and retain juices under the tent during the first half of a dish like this and allow to roast off during the final phase. turning meat  at least twice. this helps even temp, moisture and flavor absorption. In the end I am left with a nice pan sauce that has been reduced either perfectly (IMO) or needs a bit of water (or wine , i'm not fussy) to loosen up.

otherwise, I am going to have to insist you ship me some of those ribs for further analysis. feel free to pm me for my address.
well, draining & reserving the juices because -- there's a LOT.  that was my point ...  not just a bit, but 'peeking' in the tent, my ribs were *swimming*.  i added NO initial braising liquid, and after 1 & 2 hour tent 'checks', i was darn near the 'cover to braise' stage.  i feared i was on the verge of boiling my ribs ...

perhaps, an overreaction -- but, honestly, surprised at how much liquid they gave up.  rather thirsty for the brine i guess.  i did not do a before/after "weigh in" to see how much the ribs picked up in the brining. ;-)  the reserved juices make an excellent mop (plus some bourbon & a little more liquid smoke ... ) during roasting though ...

and, i was swapping out the juices for an additional layer of flavor with a fresh/different braising liquid.  as i don't have the luxury of a 8-hour pitsmoke, depending on the various woods to add layer upon layer of flavor,  i'm, playing with different flavor components during the various cooking stages.

as for "what i like to do" -- i'd, of course, *prefer* to do nothing while sipping a margarita, AND have "perfect ribs" :-D  but that's why we quest for the holy grail!  it's all about the finesse, right? :)

next time around, i may try your technique and leave the juices then roast off -- and see where i get to.  although, that 'dry phase' still has me a bit flummoxed; i do want to get a better feel for it ...


p.s. re: 'further analysis' ... heh.  sorry -- all gone ;-p
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well, without a respective rib to review I will just blindly adivse then.  Try a very loose tent, if I suspect that a lot of fat is going to be rendered I usually leave big 3-4 inch gaps at each end of my pan allowing for more evaporation. course when I turn my meat I rotate the ends so they don't dry out. best of luck.
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Remove membrane.

Dry rub, let sit in fridge overnight

Bring smoker to temp (220) with full water pan.

I use a combo of apple and hickory

About 4-5 hours with a cider vinegar mop every hour or so

Nice deep smoke ring, tender, moist... absolute heaven.

But that membrane is key. Gotta remove it.
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This is all great advice. Absolutely smoke them on the grill FIRST! That is the only time the meat is susceptible to smoke and getting that pink smoke ring.

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