What am I doing wrong? Is it my pan choice? Please advise!

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I'm a moderately good baker, follow recipes very well, but lately have been struggling to get a few baked goods to come out baked evenly. Some examples are:

  • "slutty brownies"
  • a chocolate cake
  • and a pretzel crusted/sugar cookie/brownie bar (basically a layer of pretzel crust, a layer of sugar cookie, and then topped with brownie batter).

I'm usually the star baker that everyone at work is counting on for the next best treat. Lately, I've been more of the guy coming home with a full pan. My problem isn't taste, it has been doneness. I've always baked in a clear glass, 13x9 pan, and until lately, I don't recall having so many issues. Basically what happens is the edges are over done (hard and dry) and he centers are half baked at most. The pretzel crusted/sugar cookie/brownie bar I made last night baked at 350 for 45 minutes. The directions called for 40-45. I didn't dare bake it more or the edges would have been rocks.

My first thought is it is my pan choice. Should I be using a metal pan?

This is getting frustrating. Any advice? If you need more details, please ask.

Thanks for your time!
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It's your oven. Use a oven thermometer to see if you temperature is accurate and adjust accordingly. Clean your oven, have it serviced. If it is not at the right temp and not heating evenly- you will have problems Everytime. If you cannot get it serviced, go off of the temp on the thermometer and place a oven stone or ceramic tiles on the bottom of your oven to get the heat to distribute more evenly.
Good luck
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