What about Quinoa and dry Cod?

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I prepared yesterday an interesting recipe. Quinoa  with Cod (dry Cod as is more common here in Brazil).
It was really tasty but I think it should have had something sweet to follow...
Maybe one can give me a hint: what would pass with such dish??

1 cup of Quinoa grain

2 cups 1/2 hot water

few saffron (or safran?)

Let it cook until there is no more water..

300 g pre-hydrated dry cod in slices (sorry I don´t know how to say, leave your dry cod for 48 hours in cold water taking out all the salt!)
1 onion cut in small pieces
6 olives cut in small pieces
pepper (chilli or similar)
3 baked red pimentos without skin (I used a can from a spanish brand)

Sauté the onions, cod, olives, pepper and pimentos. Add the cooked Quinoa and after turning it off, add the parsley...

We eat just that but I missed something sweet I don´t know how and where... Any ideas??

Obrigada (Thanks)
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 Well, I'm not sure what you're looking for a dessert or something in the dish thats sweet.
If it's a simple family style meal I'd say add an avocado salsa. It's really flavorful, but soothes you from all the small really strong bites in the quinoa, like the olives that burst with flavor, pimientos, and the onions. Plus, it goes great with fish, and has an acidic and sweet taste.
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I would say it just needed a squeeze of  lemon. If you were looking for something after it that was sweet, I would then say a lemon Sorbet.
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If its a savoury sweetness to go with the main, the avaocado salsa sounds good, or maybe some roasted tomatoes.  The roasting really brings out the sweetness in them.

A chilled fruit salad is nice ang light and sweet, with a dash of cream/icecream or greek yoghurt on top for a sweet and sour but still creamy dessert.
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I´m so happy that you replied!! And with such very interesting suggestions (I love salsa avocado, lemon and roasted tomatos!! Any would fit very weel!!).
I was a bit unsure if anyone would mind answering my humble question!! So you inspired me to keep on reading the posts!!
Obrigada (thanks in Portuguese from Brazil!!)
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Gluten free chef here
dosn't mean I  always cook gluten free for others
Tabouleh is a great way to replace bulghur with quinoa
you can leave it in the fridge for a few days and grab it whenever you need a quick snack !

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