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hello and hello too all
iam a demi at a well branded hotel chain and stuck in possition
my skills and food knowlege are pretty good and my cdp's love me because i can tell them all they need to know to make them look good(me bitter nah)


i have been given the chance to write the new restrant menu 12 straters 12 mains and 12 deserts. i have to spec them, picture tehm and train all kitchen staff how to cook them, cost them and do my hascap food handling and blah blah if i do this by the 12th of april they will promote me to CDP. i get final say on all dish's and complete power over all aspects

so anyone want to help me out

i have ben given no direction at all and they refuse to help me so its a big challenge but i am up for it

i was thinking of splitting menu in half

so half posh nice pricey food other half cheaper comfort food

our cliental are a wide mixture from familys to weekend millionairs to real million airs and bussiness people , cable guy and police dog trainers!

but like i said i wanna blow my boss's heads of no one has done anything like this in the past to become a cdp and our hotel will be the first in our cluster to remove the brand ala'carte menu completly if i pull it off!

so any suggestons or just  pat on the back would be great, i have read thro a few threads and you all seem like great people witha lot of knollege to share and like a frshly torn peae of bread i wana soak it up
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Hello n0z1e and welcome to Chef Talk.  I'm going to set the professional chefs loose on your post and see what you get.  Good luck with your quest. If they gave you this task, they must think you can do it. Use your own resources first.

Take a look around the site, too. We have a good search tool to help you find other people's discussions of menus, etc. Don't over look that as a place to start.

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Mezzaluna thankyou for your welcome :)

they do know i can do it i got tons of things writen down and started plating things up in my head! they being very cool and letting me have a few hours a day from tuesday to just concentrate on this! they have moved the dead line a little wich helps but a litle anoying in the sense that its a lil longer untill that big promotion :S/img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif

i really quite like this web site its so usefull in many ways ideas, problems and knowing there other people in the same boat on other issues!

once again thankyou for your welcome
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 Did you say write the new menu?  This isn't an April Fools joke, is it?
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 i'm not sure i get it.  You're a demi, and your cdp (chef de parties?) love you.  You have to write the menu, cost it, write the recipes, order sheets, prep lists, take pictures, teach the other cdp how to cook & plate them, in order to get a promotion to become cdp?  And you'll have complete control of the menu?
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indeed thats corret they love me because iam usefull when they need a lil info on foods!

menu is kinda writen up just down too 18strters they want 12. 25 main they want 12 and 6 dererts they want 8 the deserts i am doing are stron and they will be popular!! i had a meeting yesterday and they want it too be al british no influence from anywhee else wich has screwed me i suggested a fussion and hey said no, they alo wnt my tirramasu on menu but thats not british lol crazy restrant managers!! now they relised the task was a littl too tuf so theyhave extended time for training! but british british british! iam gona  have to think a little because iam the only british person in the kithen infact only europian person so teachinh the kitchen guys the way it will be done!! oh deary me he he
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