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Hey everyone,

Stumbled upon this forum surfing on food a few weeks ago. You guys have already helped me without me asking a question so I thought I should register.

I've been working in kitchens since 19 years old, starting baking pizzas and mostly cooking very basic food, then everything from dishes to serving guests. I always thought about what else I'd want to work with, and have a million ideas, but still I'm here at 28. I guess I'm just a dreamer, but since going to culinary school 4 years ago I realised how my overall philosophy on life actually can be reflected in cooking. What a great revelation, now to figure out how to keep the hours not getting out of hand and I might just stay in the business for the whole show. My ideal would be to be able to have work more like a hobby, and hobby more like work. Hobby being something other than cooking, although I still love to cook at home.

Anyway the situation I'm in now is, I'm from Sweden now living in Singapore about to take a new job as head chef in a small shophouse that will serve "western" food. This in my experience here can mean anything, and very much fusion. I'm given alot of freedom because the owner doesn't have alot of knowledge about actual european, scandinavian and american food. So, new country without any seasons, newly opened restaurant where I get to choose my equipment, oh and my highest position have been chef de partie in the past. So a bit nervous but also feeling like I'm given a great opportunity here to finally prove to myself that I can handle being responsible for a whole kitchen.

Ok enough rambling for now. Are you guys all american btw? I'm only used to swedish seasons, so any tips on what works here in tropical climates would be great.
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Hello and welcome to ChefTalk.

We have members from around the globe (I'm Scots) and all levels of culinary skills from 'can't boil water' beginners, through keen amateur cooks (like me, for instance!) to masterchefs.  I think we have a couple of Malaysian or Singaporean members, too - but they post infrequently.

The articles, photographs and blogs are worth spending a little time to view.  Feel free to jump in on any thread you find interesting, or start your own in the relevant forum.

If you have an industry-specific query, then post in the Professional fora - your question will get an industry-level answer!

I've visited Singapore a couple of times, on my way to Australia - I love the Singaporeans and their fusion foods, too!  I also spent a couple of years there when I was a child, as my father was in the British army and he was posted there.  I remember having pet lizards and snakes!
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Hi Karl,

Welcome to our cosy home :)  You'll find it to be a great place for information or just conversation.  I'm from Down Under, and anyone from anywhere is welcome.  It gives us a great variety and insight into foods from across the globe.

Looking forward to your input and also helping with any questions/discussions you would like to introduce.


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