What’s the shelf life of cookies?


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Lots of variables. I think it has more to do with how moist the cookie is from other ingredients than oil. That would be a mold issue.

For a crisp dry cookie, they store better. If you're concerned about the fat going rancid then shortening is more stable than most oils.

Can you be more specific about what you're trying to figure out.
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Way to much made about cookies. they were a sampling of cakes produced day back when. they should be eaten when they are made. Heck, the brownie was the mistake made my the writer of an article for Sears Robuck about baking who left out an ingredient or two and they became brownies. Cookies are the convienient/7-ll way of baking. Personally I do not think there is a comparison between a cookie and a confection.
You have to love the baker who says they invented a new cookie, especially here in the States. The US is so new, I would bet there is less than a handful of formulas that haven't been tried before in history.
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