We're moving!

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We just made a major life decision that we're still a little bowled over by! Decided to move back to Charleston, SC!!

Hub has been unhappy at work for a while now, and is just plain tired of working overnights. He can't really go any further in his career as a creative person,a nd would have to take a 'suit' job - not him at all!! That, plus his family is 3 hours away in North Carolina, and my older son is still in Charleston (will be nice to have my 'chicks' together!) pretty much decided us.

We just had a real estate agent in to look at the house; we knew property values had skyrocketed here, but she told us we could list the house for double what we paid for it!!!:bounce: :bounce: So we'll be able to get pretty much a mansion in South Carolina, with a very low mortgage!!!! We're looking at one of the barrier islands, John's Island, which is just starting to be developed, and has some great property on it.

While the thoughts of the mechanics of all this are almost overwhelming - moving my son with all his special equipment, plus our menagerie of 2 elder, grumpy cats and 2 wacko dogs - we're pretty excited.

Chris will look for some teaching positions or ad agency jobs there, and of course I'll look into catering (Charleston has always been a party town!)! I'm also looking at getting involved with the farmer's markets there, as it's still such an agricultural area. Shroom, any ideas here would be much appreciated!!

Our original timetable was about a year, but now with the real estate market this good, we're reconsidering, and may move that up some. We have a few things to do to get our house ready to put on the market, so we'll see how that goes.

Would love to get together with those of you in the immediate area before we go!!!

Does anyone here know anyone in the Charleston food scene?
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Dear Marmalady,

I have never been to the Caralina's,but this would be a good reason to venture south.

Here's to a smooth move :)
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Thanks, CC - you'll be extended one of those warm Southern welcomes - we'll sit and sip mint juleps on the veranda!!

I can't wait to re-explore the restaurant scene; we left right after Hugo in 1989, and the restaurants have just boomed since then!
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Marmalady, that's wonderful! You did say you'd get together with us again, so we'll have to do it soon. It'll give us all a good reason to gather again. I wish you all the best.
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Now that's the type of decision I have much respect for. Good luck with all this and if you need something, well you know.
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I hope you don't find this out of line, but I took the liberty of getting a moving quote for you.
I found a company that will only charge $ 795.00 to move all those Hot Sauces to Charleston from Jersey. This price also includes the extra charges for transporting hazardous materials across state lines.:smokin
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:lol: Panini, good one!

Good to you and your husband, Marmalady. I don't envy you the job leading up to the move, but it sounds like you're making a welcome change. Good luck!
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Thanks, Jeff! I was actually wondering if I could have them flown down, but wasn't sure they'd pass inspection at the airport!

And the dried chiles I figured I could just tuck in around the glasses as packing material!!!!
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Wow! Best of luck, Marmalady. But I'll bet that with your skills, you can organize it to be almost painless! After all, this has got to be easier than opening that restaurant. ;) (But I hope we can still get together again before you go :cry: .)

As for recommendations for Charleston, have a look at Fat Guy on eGullet . Steven Shaw, a former lawyer who now has a website about food, took a cross-country trip and wrote up where and what he ate -- with pictures! The pix even include his bulldog, Momo, who went with him and Mrs. Fat Guy.
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Congratulations and Good Luck! Bigger house, warm weather, delicious southern food......... :lips: Ah.....do you have extra suitcase room? I promise I don't take up much space. :D


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What wonderful news, Marm!!! I always love the excitement that comes with making a big change. I actually have relatives down in Charleston, but it has been years since I have been there. What a great, little city!!! I love the Carolinas. I wish you the best of luck with the move and everything.
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Thanks, y'all - see how easy it is to slip into that! This is weird, I keep thinking I'm going to miss all of you - but then Charleston does have modem hookups!:blush:

Of course the invitation to CC extends to all of you, if you're ever in the Charleston area!

Shawty - will the bebies and hubby fit in that little suitcase?!

Will keep everyone posted on dates, etc. We first have to put a new roof on our house to get it spiffed up to put on the market. We're all still reeling from this a little; the decision itself, and then finding out what our house is going to bring!!!!! Amazing.

Oh, - Suzanne - thanks so much for the 'fat guy' site - Bowen's Island!!!:bounce: :bounce: Forgot all about that - I have some very fond memories of Bowen's Island! It's such a shack, but oh, the oysters! Walter Cronkite used to stop there regularly on his 'cruises' up the inland waterway!

And Sticky Fingers - OMG!!!! Charleston Grill and Peninsula are both after my time, but will definitely have to check 'em out!!!

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