Welp, not really new but...

Joined Mar 1, 2011
Have been on this forum before, a while ago, but cant seem to remember my username or password. Used to be a pretty frequent viewer and poster, but had some things come up a couple of years ago and have rarely visited since then. Now I'm back and plan to keep it that way! Hello to all again. Whats up Mezz?:D


Chef Torrie
Joined Apr 30, 2010
Welcome back CT !!!!  I have a question for you or maybe an admin .... couldn't an admin look you up using your E-Mail address and link your accounts?

That way you can look up old posts and what not.
Joined Mar 1, 2011
That would be cool. Was hoping Mezzaluna maybe could do that for me. Would be greatly appreciated!
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Welcome back! We've had a few longtime members return after absences, so it's good to see another one.

I don't have the "power" to change your screen name, etc. That would be something to ask an Administrator: Nicko, Jim or Phil (phatch) can help you with that.

Our look has changed but we're still the best place on the web for pros and home cooks. We're glad you've returned to further enrich the mix here.

Best regards,

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