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Chiffonade, with all due respect I must disagree with you, but not wanting to start anything here on the boards, I don't want to get into it. Just to say that you don't need to go nearly as far as the KKK to see the religious prejudices that abound here. Nuf' said.
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Go to school in armoured transport, wake up to find all your friends dead, have lunch in a cafe and be blown to pieces.

Be careful how you exhibit your social morals, when you have never had you child bleed to death in your arms, or attend your fathers funeral because he was a Jew.

I urge anyone who really gives a s**t about these issues to read the stories every single day.


To my friends defending and standing erect as the bombs are hurled at you, I love you


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According to Reuter's the death toll stands at 1019 Palestinieans, and 333 Israelis. Innocents have died on both sides. And until both sides are willing to come to the table and offer up something, that death toll will continue to rise. And who suffers? The innocent people trying to eek out an exsistence. Religion, in the hands of man, is bad enough, but add in politics, and you have one of the most sinister forces on this planet. For those I have just offended with that last statement, I just ask that you stop and think about it for a minute. I am not knocking the original teachings of religions, but how humankind likes to take those teachings and twist them, and pervert them to suit their own, "worldly" needs. Most of the world's great prophets taught about peace and love, or at the very least, tolerance, yet humankind kills in the name of these same prophets. It makes me sick! As I said in an earlier post, we are all the childern of Earth. That makes us ALL brothers and sisters. It is time to start acting like it!!!!!!!!
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