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I would just like to welcome everyone to our new forum which is devoted to Food History. Our very own Atheneaus has kindly agreed to moderate this forum and with such a love of food history and a vast knowledge on the subject I can't think of a better person.



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What a great addition!

Athenaeus from what era will the first feast come? :)
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Congratulations, Athenaeus! What a lovely surprise! I look forward to this forum. :p
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Yes! The History of Food Forum is a fact. I am very happy about it.

I want to thank Nicko for making it real.

When I first logged-in to Chef Talk to ask about Sun dried tomatos, I couldn't imagine that my relation with this community would go that far.

But things went too smoothly and normal and without realising how , soon I had to change place of my pc in the house so as to be close to my cooking books, that they are up to 2500.

History can be a very tricky subject. It may seem general or vague but if you think about it , it's very personal.
I think that nothing can be more personal than the eating tradition and food of one's family. I can see people getting angry just because they thought that you offended their grandma's recipe!

I personally will continue to add small stories and referencies in the other threads too, as I used to do. Sometimes the historical point must be added on a specific occasion. It's exactly like a spice :)

I am looking forward to your posts! :)
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Mon petit Athenaeus,

Félicitations! Dear Abby is thrilled to see the introduction of this Food History Forum. Although she does not claim to know a tremendous amount about the food history, she has perhaps lived a little history. She very much looks forward to reading the wonderful posts and hopes to have some little thing to contribute herself.

Bonne chance.

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I'm glad this forum has finally come to fruition, and what better member to moderate it? I look forward to reading and learning, since it's not a subject I know a lot about.


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Wonderful! I am so excited to see this new forum! I love history, especially in the context of food. It is so fun to see how different foods, dishes, and cuisines have evolved over the centuries.
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I'm sure this is going to become one of the funniest boards here.
So, food archaeologists...let's come in and post!

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Great news Athenaeus! I always love to read your stories - even though I hardly ever post in them. Always very interesting!


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is this forum comprise of food history on the fondation of the catering and evoution of recipes as well as the  discoveries of ingredients and the productions for commerce and access to day to day cooks and chefs? as well as the evolutions of the fashions of eating through the ages and era's?

I should think to open and write articles and post various stuff on the subject. as it is obvious that through the ages the eating habits have been shaped with events from wars to discoveries of different land and others customs.

as for example a point of the feeding habits and sections of it, that was orientated with a deep knowledges of understanding the values of Spices and the herbals effects, some employed for technic to tenderise meats and bringing the values of the ingredients employed to highest ground (for example to facilitate the digestions or to eliminate certains undisposable effects on our bodies such as Flatulences or elses!..............

it seams a great date to start such Forum but its seams that no start has been made since 2002. a date for me quite precise in me building various thesis as well as learning more and more about the history and the changes of what occured during the era's from the far back the rise of human been to present day. with a study on the grounds of the food Engineers as well as the Gourmands of the era's such as Dumas and others or the Cooks from Home country houses from America's , Britains or the professional chefs such as Taillevent (Guillaume Tirrel) or A Careme and many.

recently I got in the studies of the origine of the Food produce such as the vegetables and else.

Kind Regards

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lets start 1800's Monsieur Viard recipes for preserves I will translate some if you ask

sadly I have to go to work now.

and I will seek a great recipe from Taillevent that I found long time ago. at the vatican library

How to repair a too salted soup. that is a start of historical facts. but then there is a twist in that story from that far back era.


Violets preserve: you take 4 onces of spring violets, and 2 pound of sugar. you brake the violets in a mortar; your sugar been at small crack, you taking it off the fire and throw in the violets pulp, and you mix them that they take each other within the other. when the sugar start to puff up, you pour in the cassings

Chocolates Preserves: you take 4 onces of chocolate and 2 pound of sugar. you melt the chocolate in a quantity of clarified sugar, suffuciant for it to become well  liquide; then throw it in with the rest of sugar that has been brought to small crack. stire well the mix and follow the same operation as the Violets preserve.
Cinamon Preserves:   that one I like it has a flower Guimauve then that flower can be replace with La Mauve Sylvestre also call the faulth Guimauve. love to play with that one
Pistachios Preserves: you take 6 once of pistachios and 2 pound of sugar. you pour boiling water on the pistachios. when the skin remove itself easyly, throw them on a Tamis, and pour some cold water on them. you can start to peel them. you cut them very fine pieces. throw them in the sugar cooked small crack.  the you follow same operations and intructions from the other preserves
Grilled Almonds Preserves: you 6 onces almonds and 2 pound of suga, you peel the almonds and cut them in small filets, placing them on a parchemin paper in an oven. when they are brown, taking them off the oven and throw them in the sugar cooked to small crack. follow the process of above.
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