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I was making eggplant parmesian and cooking butternut squash today so I put a big chuck of squash, cooked, right in the center of the eggplant just for fun.

I was in the fridge and I decided to try making one quarter of the dish with some blue cheese on top.

I encourage all my student to use their artistic creativity in the kitchen.

Remember there are no rules in the kitchen.

If it tastes good, cook it.
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How did they both taste?  I can imagine the one with squash ala parmesan but the blue cheese is hard to imagine.

Experimenting can be fun - some work, some don't.
Joined Dec 7, 2009
I think you are right, I have not tried yet but the blue cheese might be a little much.  I was going to throw some old cilantro in the dish just to use it up but then I thought.  It is a recipe not a garbage disposal.  Dont pollute the dish trying to use too much old stuff.

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