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Please help me in welcoming James Peterson to ChefTalk.com


Thank you for spending a few days with ChefTalk.com I look forward to talking with you about your books and cooking.
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Thanks, Jim, for joining us. I know there will be a lot of great discussions between you and our members.

Let me get the ball started. In your intro to Cooking you say: "Yet those months at Vivarois did transform me into a cook; they taught me that there are no secrets. I learned that good cooking is based on doing lots of little things correctly....."

I've always thought that was the entire secret. That if somebody learns technique, and practices it, they can cook anything. Home cooks, new ones in particular, often think the opposite, that what counts is the recipe. And it's hard getting them to understand that recipes should not be straightjackets, but, rather, paths to creativity.

So, would you agree that your simple paragraph really sums up everything anyone has to know about cooking?
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Thanks for joining us!
I am a huge fan of your Sauces book, and also get a lot of use from your Fish & Shellfish book.
I recommend the Sauces book to nearly everyone, especially my up and coming cooks.

While I don't currently have any questions for you, I look forward to seeing those of others here, and that will possibly prompt some from me, and at the very least, expand my knowledge.

Again, welcome!


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Welcome James! Thanks for visiting and taking the time to answer a few questions!
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Dear James,

I am currently a home cook (from the cooking point of view) and thinking of a career change. I would be interested to hear from you what would you say - looking back at your carrer - that made the difference for you being where you are today?

Thank you very much for being here.

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Hi Christina,
Think long and hard before making a career change into food. There are many people out there in all domains and competition is stiff. I don't mean to discourage you, but if you start out trying to get restaurant experience, you'll end up as an assistant prep cook making 9 dollars an hour. I don't know what your goals are, but working in fine restaurants in France transformed my cooking and hence my career. At least while I was doing prep, I was allowed to spy.
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