Weird.... has this ever happened to you?

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Since I announced my resignation, one of our cooks has been tripping over herself trying to prove that she is the "man for the job" so to speak.  I understand it is human nature for those who want to advance to strut their stuff but today was just too much and I was royally peeved at her.

Tomorrow is Easter Monday and it is going to be busy like a Saturday so I made a prep list to reflect that.  What does she go and do??  Tell the prep guy to "not listen to leenie because she only works certian days and doesn't know how the weeks go"  I hit the roof when he told me she said that.. that was just the icing on the cake as all day she was hovering over him giving him direction that was  NOT what I set out or wanted. 

I didn't talk to her much today .. I was just too p'd off and tomorrow the KM is going to get an earful as I was too angry today to even open my mouth.  Yes I know this is my last week but until close of business on my last day I am still AKM there and she needs to respect that and respect what I set out to be done and do it.  I take my job very seriously and yes I gave two weeks notice and I have been moonlighting at the new place but still I am 100% committed to my job until closing on my last day.  Everyone except her seems to understand and respect that. 

Has this happened to any of you before?  Is it common for cooks to ignore outgoing sous or chefs to make themselves look good???

I do know one thing... if her resume ever crosses my desk it will be filed and I will not be calling if I have an opening as I have seen what she is all about...
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I would nicely say, HEY BUBBLEHEAD, do you think the KM is going to

ask me for a recommendation on who is to replace me?

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Me?  I'd just say,

"Follow the prep list dearie, I'm still doing the scheduling untill I leave".

Nothing else.
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I was asked who I thought would be a good choice for my replacement and she was not one that I suggested.  I think that in time, yes she will be ready to move up, but  right now she is not.  She has alot of learning and growing  yet to do and she also has to work on her own work ethic and performance before she is ready to help lead the team.  

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