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I could allllmost get there with the idea of not weighing for breads and maybe even some cookies. I still weigh but I also know at this point you can ask me to take a 45g ball of dough for a bun or a 20g bit of cookie dough and I can eyeball it and either be right on the money or within a gram and I'm certainly not any sort of freakish weights and measures savant.

But for cakes, or fine baked goods? I could not imagine not measuring. I could probably do it pretty accurately without a scale, but for my own peace of mind I need to know the numbers are right. I have literally had nightmares where my scales didn't work, or I couldn't read the numbers. BRB, breathing into a paper bag.
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Well, you've all convinced me. I'm keeping the balance scale. I may not bake enough to really use it but I do enjoy owning it. Perhaps it will come in handy someday. 
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@chefwriter  ,

If it ever does become bothersome, give it some paint and display it with a few pots of plants. I have two in the house. I also have a candy stove from the 1900's. I removed some rings and placed a large copper bowl on top, and my better half planted some terrarium type plants. It gets compliments all the time. It's certainly not portable even with legs. Must weigh 300 lbs. Very convenient though, just toss a few ice cubes in once in a while. No holes


   I can almost agree with you.But when I'm scaling bread doughs, I cut by sight, the dough does not enough time in my hand to calculate any type of weight. If you're doing it by hand weight,

doesn't that take longer. Say baguettes, depending on the amount of proof and the density of the dough, you must display some sort of savant skills.

BTW I have an extra one of those candy stoves in my garage. Little surface rust. If anyone want it just PM. I can post a pic. Be prepared, even though you can disassemble it, it will probably

cost the same amount of a good used car to ship it. With the weight. Old enough not to have any regulators. 4 handles, straight through gas.

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