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I am not a chef by trade I just love too cook , just wanted to say hi before I start lurking else where on the board :D
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Hi Richard!

I'm new here too and thought I'd drop in and say hi too!

I'm not a chef either but I love the uniform! I have cooked professionally. One summer at a premier fly-in fishing lodge. I was hired as a housekeeper as I thought I didn't have the credentials to apply for the asst. chef position. Turns out I had to do the job (and was good at it) until the hired asst. chef showed up. Well, she was switched to housekeeping.

When asked why I knew so much without experience I replied "Great Chefs of America on the Discovery Channel".

Looking forward to learning more right here on Chef2Chef!:chef:
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Hello Richard, and hello Yola!

Now that you've introduced yourselves, please feel free to roam the board to search, read, and post. If you have questions about maneuvering around Chef Talk's board, please let us know.

Again, welcome to Chef Talk!

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Welcome Richard glad to have you. ChefTalk has a wonderful community of people.

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