Weekend Shortcuts to speed up weekday cooking

Discussion in 'Food & Cooking' started by billbenson, Apr 27, 2014.

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    I just posted in the new member forum so I won't bore you other than to say I'm extremely busy but am looking for short cuts that I can do on weekends to make weekday cooking fast and easy.  Here are a few things I do. I'll make it brief, but can explain in detail.


    - I caramelize a bunch of onions and stick them in the fridge.

    - Same with mushrooms, I saute a bunch up. I can use both to make a pepper sauce to go over a quick seared fillet.

    - Last weekend I seared on the outside a pork tenderloin. I can toss medalions of the pork in a saute pan and make a quick Asian sauce for it during the week.

    Twice a year:

    - I buy online 25 lbs of duck backs and necks and make a heavily reduced duck stock with it. I make it into small cubes to use for sauces, soup etc. Duck just has so much more flavor than chicken. I keep the oil as a cooking oil.

    - I cook up a bunch of bacon bits and put them in the freezer to but over baked potato, hash browns, etc. I save the bacon fat for a cooking oil as well.


    Obviously, nothing is better than fresh. If I want the best, I go to a restaurant. Does anyone have a comment on my list or want to add anything to it. All comments are appreciated.

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    Duk has a different taste than chicken. I wouldn't say it's preferable except in a few cases. Not sure what kind of advice you're looking for here buy I like to keep beef and chicken stock in quarts in the freezer to keep on hand for gravies and risottos.

    I freeze the duck fat in cubes.

    I like my mushrooms fresh and always have them on hand.

    Chives are a staple, they go into practically every dish I make.

    I prefer to cut bacon into bits and freeze it uncooked and then pull out the only bits I need and cook it fresh.

    I keep raw onions in the fridge, they're much easier to chop when cold and don't make me cry so much.