Weekend Feature Idea. Need some feedback.

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I am a sushi chef and on one of our recent orders I somehow ended up with too many cases of sweet shrimp (ama-ebi) and I was looking to utilize them in a weekend feature.  I prepared a dish tonight which consisted of pan seared talapia (seasoned with a touch of cumin) over a sweet shrimp and roasted bell pepper ceviche. I have never really played around with ceviche much but I do not want it to seem like overkill pairing a shrimp ceviche with talapia but when I tasted the dish I really enjoyed it but I am more worried about the customers satisfaction.  I wanted to do something fresh and colorfull to ease off this harsh Wisconsin winter now that spring is just around the corner.  Any thoughts or advice would great.
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Take Take a look at the Verrine I did a few days ago (link below). We char-grilled tomatoes, aubergines, courgettes and red onions. We then marinated them in soy and olive oil. We did the same to king prawns and served them on top of the vegetables and drizzled with a honey and creme fraiche dressing. This was served in a nice glass with blanched spring onions tied in a knot for garnish./img/vbsmilies/smilies/crazy.gif  There's another picture of this on my blog.


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