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Nov. 27,2015 in Vincennes. ( Is about 30 miles one way) I rounded up the guest list to 100 people. I still need to verify but I think the meal will be at 6:00pm eastern time. The building has a nice kitchen with stove and fridge but hot food would need to go in heating trays with the sterno heat. I would also be serving the food

Here was the idea on food.....please let me know your suggestions........3 different pastas, red sauces, alfredo sauce, cheese sauce, meatballs, maybe grilled chicken strips, shred  mozz cheese, parm cheese, bread sticks, garlic butter (which I make) and self serve salad bar which someone else is suppose to be doing. (but I will probably end up doing that)
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I always offered 3 meats in my pasta bar-beef chicken and shrimp. Sometimes more. Will the pastas have the sauce mixed in or is it mix and match? Either way whatever the client wants
is what you do.
Was there a question in there somewhere? :)
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I don't understand.

Is this a job or are you cooking for free (family wedding?).

Are you wanting ideas for more and different food?

How to hold your dishes?

Sounds like a buffet and if so always lead with the least expensive item (pasta) and end with your proteins (doesn't hurt to have one of your peeps dishing out the meats and cheese).

A self serve salad bar (depending on how many items) can be a real money pit , esp if they have been drinking, so supply small plates (no bowls... a lot of damage can be done with a bowl) and look at that food cost very carefully before final contract is signed.

100 people is not many so you need to be on point with all of your costs if you want to end the day in the black.

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