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    My friend and I are catering a wedding meal of approx.200 . We came into it late in the game (someone canceled) and the bride had set the menu already. We are responsible for appetizers , salad, setting up the buffet line and overseeing it , as well as cutting and plating the cake. We will also be doing the rehearsal dinner for 30 the night before. Simple menu of Ziti, bread, salad & dessert. We have responsibility for most but not all the food at the wedding , as well as shopping , and setup , serve, and cleanup. My question -- what is a fair price to charge? We both are experienced cooks , both are with Pampered Chef, I have a food handlers license as well.
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    What does the menu look like?

    Your ingredient list will be the least static of the final cost so unless you are shopping the day before the event you need to build a bumper in that portion of the ticket.

    Figure out what you own and set a fair market rental price (usual and customary for your area)

    Add all the rentals, include what it cost you to rent commercial space unless of course you have a legal kitchen already then add in what it costs to do the job at your place.

    Labor...from grocery shopping to washing and packing the last plate.

    Don't forget travel times and fuel.

    Most catered receptions include a dessert and then go by the traditional time (late..grr) to cut the cake and place the darling little slices in equally darling wedge shaped boxes "to go".

    Southern tradition...the single gals and old maids take it home and place it under their pillows and will dream about their prince charming.

    What a pita...would have to rock paper scissors to decide who had to stay... we charged $5 per portion... for the entire cake, not just per guest...if they chose to leave a tier intact too bad (of course the top tier was hands off just remove and place it to the side)

    Whoever stayed got to keep the $$$.

    Then the fun part.....what do you want to make for yourselves?


    * Would love to know why someone canceled such a small (and usually a walk in the park with eyes closed) event...hopefully they got something larger (altho that isn't ethical and Murphy will come a' knockin') and not because it is bridezilla and her mom mrs. bridezilla.

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