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Im a Kitchen manager/Chef in the suburbs of Philadelphia.  Have had very little luck with finding kitchen staff recently.  In the past it seemed I would have more applications than I would know what to do with, But it seems now not as many people are looking for jobs in the restaurant business, especially back of house.

Just curious if there are any good websites for hiring people in the restaurant biz.  I've been through Craigslist,, and also have checked out  Also Facebook and similar social media outlets.

Anyone have any luck with anything else?


P.S.  New member and first time poster.  Hello to all!
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Hello to you! Welcome aboard.

Funny enough, I was going to ask the same question today (Southern Mass) so I too am interested if there is any other place that potential employees could be found.
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Hello All

I am wanting to look into recruiting Michelin Star level kitchen staff across Europe to work within a Michelin Star restaurant/hotel in the North West of England.  Can anyone please point me in the right direction, trying to avoid recruitment agencies.

Thanks in advance!
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Start your own thread in this forum, 'new topic' and post as if you would a classified ad. What you're looking for, etc.
Include an email and hopefully, you'll get some responses.

Gonzzzo and I are in the States and we have similar 'go to' sites, apparently, I'm not the only one having a problem finding quality help through them though! LOL
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