Weak tasting persimmons.

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My Persimmons always taste weak whenever I make anything with them, I have no idea what to do in order to concentrate it's taste. Any input on this would be appreciated!

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It's a little bit late season for persimmons now is part of the problem. Try dehydrating them, that would definitely concentrate flavor.
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Fuyu and Hachiya are still happening in Northern California. When I had my own place, I remember a friend from Sacramento who would always bring milk crates full of Fuyus in December. i had the luxury of changing my menu on a weekly basis so I wound at various times using them in apps, salads, entrees, desserts, sauces, vinaigrettes, you name it. What fun!
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It would help if you described what you ARE doing to them currently...

Persimmons aren't super strong in flavor anyways. You might be not ripening them enough, because an under ripe persimmon (as well as most fruits) will taste bad, or at least not as good as they should.

As a general rule as well, removing moisture from a food concentrates flavor, so anything you make cooking wise, make sure you are cooking it down enough to concentrate the flavor.

EDIT: I didn't realize how old this was and that the OP has never been back...
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