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    On our most recent trip, my husband and I were in New York and found ourselves in the vicinity of the Culinary Institute Of America in Hyde Park. 

    This where I wanted to study as a young women, but did not. 

    So my loving husband took me there to tour and partake in a meal. 

    I was bitterly disappointed.  It might have been nice if on their website they noted that it was graduation day and that it would be bedlam. 

    We stood in line to have lunch for over an hour and the food let me down.  I had built this place up to my husband, that it was the premier cooking school as he puts it and we both walked away not finishing our meals. 

    I understand that it was the incoming new class's first day, but it would have been nice it the administration to maybe post that. 
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    Sorry to hear that you had such a disappointing ordeal in my native birthplace, N.Y.C.

    I hope that you and your husband had explored the city's good restaurants as there are so many and shops ...

    I am sure that the culinary institute has a complaint department, which if I were you, I would write them right away stating the facts as to why the meal was a disappointment and be specific as to the complaints you have had.

    Happy Holidays.

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