We have reached our goal!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It is unbelievable everyone, but we had only 3 (yes that is correct, 3) people make donations. One person who wishes to remain anonymous made a donation of $500.00 to keep the Café going. I was so taken back by this amazing gift I asked what prompted them and this is what they said (paraphrased). “I have been a member of ChefTalk since 2000 and although I don’t post that often I do read the forums and find the information and the people very helpful. ChefTalk is a wonderful resource and it would be shame to see it close”.

    [font=&quot]Needless to say we have reached our goal for the year! I am very humbled, and would just like to say thank you. Please everyone, take a moment and post some thanks for this wonderful gift of support from these three people.