ways to practice knife skills?

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I applied to be a line cook at a local nice restaurant in town recently in person speaking to the chef. he told me he wants to bring me in for a trial run this tuesday to see where my knife skills are at and such. i think im mostly going to start out doing prep and maybe helping on the line a little at the salad/icecream station (they make their own icecream). i love to cook and i have experience working in a  kitchen as a dishwasher at a fancy italian restaurant i also currently work at panera bread if that counts for anything lol. 

what should i do to prepare for this trial run where im gonna be trailing someone? what should i look out for to impress him on my first day?

thank you all.
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Don't have any opinions. Watch and learn. Wash your hands frequently. Watch some you tube videos on proper knife grip and basic cutting. 

The chef will be watching to see if you do as you are told, when you are told, in the way you are told. Be hard working.  Work clean and neat. Don't be afraid to use the broom if needed. You probably won't have to but don't hesitate either.

Be nice and respectful to everyone. It may be a bit overwhelming. Don't panic. Keep your head about you. 
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buy a bag of carrots,tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, ginger, whole chicken.

watch some youtube videos on technique on how to grip the food.

practice at home.

learn how to dice, flakes, peel, julienne, batonnetes, bone chicken.

for peeling ginger..use a table spoon to scrape the skin..faster to reach corners with that

also learn how to use a honing steel and whetstone to sharpen and maintain a knife's edge.

freehand sharpening is very tough and i ve been practicing for months and still mess it up..use cheap chinese steel knives for that as u dont want to ruin edge of an expensive knife. .. (go on bladeforums for knife sharpening tips)

goal of a good knife skill in my opinion is not only consistency and speed...but reducing wastage of product.

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