Waterproofing clothing.

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Lets get this going, I wear cotton shirts and im tired of being scared of bleach. Plus waterproof shirts would be awesome. Does anyone here have any knowledge in this.

Ive tried several coats of silicone on an apron, food grade silicone. I havent tried anything else that i can remember. I do want to try rustoleum neverwet but ive heard it leaves a white residue and doesnt last long.
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Waterproof garments that lay directly on your skin  = trapping sweat behind that garment, leaving you with a cold, clammy and uncomfortable feeling.  That, and your clothes start to smell very quickly.....
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Bib aprons and double breasted chef's coats.

I guess you could always try Scotchguard, but I doubt it could survive the washing machine.
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An Australian Chef Adrian Lee has perfected Chef clothes that repel stains using nanotechnology...

Check it out...


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