Watermelon maddness

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So summer is well upon us and I find myself growing more and more obsessed with my new watermelon sorbet.  It's fantastic, but I'm having trouble pairing it with something for service.  I'm thinking maybe a black tea sticky rice with some crushed walnuts might do it, but don't know how well sticky rice is going to fly with our customers.  Also thought of like a honeyed nut cake of some sort, but that may contrast with the lime in the sorbet too much.  I really want to punch in the dessert to come from the sorbet and everything else to be sort of a frame for it.  Any thoughts?
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I like black boba (large pearl tapioca) with sorbet.  After you cook it, store it in a flavored simple syrup until serving, but you must cook it fresh daily.  Add some other melon varieties, too, but I do agree that melon can be tough to pair with, so I keep it light.
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Grilled East Indian Pepper Pound Cake

Brown Sugar Meringues with Lime Cream

Banana Tarte Tatin

Passion Fruit Waffle and Macadamias
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Thanks for the ideas!  I'm still fiddling, will let you know what happens in the end.  I'm thinking of folding the sorbet with a lime semi freddo at this point.  We'll see how it works.
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I definitely need to pick your brain on the watermelon sorbet formula.. I'm getting too much crystallization lately and I lost my failsafe base formula

Meanwhile, I LOVE to serve the sorbets with Brut Champagne.. sorta a grown up Ice Cream Soda.
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Pick away!

I went super simple to let the watermelon do most of the talking:

Fresh seedless watermelon - about 5# of meat - pureed and strained

Sugar, to taste - about 4oz

Lime juice, to taste - about 5ea

Gin, to taste - about 1oz

Stabilizer - 7g/liter of base

Still working on what to pair it with to make a fabulous dessert, I like the ice cream soda idea, maybe with some cookies on the side.  Hmmmm . . ..
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