Watering your soul

Joined Apr 19, 2001
A thought from 'Chicken Soup for the Soul' that meant so much to me, when we were all recovering from my son's accident;

"The garden has been my therapy.
Here among the flower and the bright fruit,
when the light is brand new
and everything is fresh and wet
and the leaves are beaded up with dewdrops,

I work in the household of nature and refresh my Spirit.
It seems to me that every weed I pull is a bit of grief I am learning to set aside,
and a tear I've weeded out
So that GOOD CHEER can grow again.
Joined Nov 19, 1999
That IS a very nice bit of writing, Marmalady. I guess all of us can relate to the experience of that gardener. I hope your son is alright. How old is he?
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