Watergate salad

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I'm bringing watergate salad to easter dinner (family favorite - strange, I know)  for dessert and I'm trying to come up with a way to serve it other than a glop in a dish.  I've come up with cookie cups as a possibility and I'm wondering if y'all have any other suggestions.

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I never heard of "Watergate Salad."  Would you be kind enough to describe it?  Thanks!
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I just looked it up, its a pistachio pudding with marshmallows, pineapple, and whipped cream.
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It's a nice dessert. You can always try serving it up in fluted glasses , martini glasses, and even wine glasses , but just about any glassware with a stem should be a hit. But even if you did not have that, dessert bowls are fine too.

I wish you a wonderful day with your family.
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If I can find my nice dessert dishes, I'll do that.  I think I'm also going to make up some sort of nut cookie to servie with this.  I feel just a tad guilty not baking a cake or pie for dessert.

Schmoozer - I guess its a southern thing...desserts disguised as salads and molded gelatin salads.  This particular "salad" has lots of different guises...I've done a version with sliced peaches and peach jello and when done up with coconut, vanilla pudding, mandarin oranges, marshmellows, pineapple and whip cream it goes by "ambrosia salad". 
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