Wat kind of storage preserves better the blade?

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I'm about to buy a magnetic sorage, but I got some questions :

•magnetic wall rack?

•magnetic "plate" block?

I've read here and there the magnetic force aplying mechanical stress can hurt the knife when moving it in and out of it ; and classic hollow blocks can dull the blades if they are wrong sized.

What's the best way to take care of my knives?
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I use magnetic wall racks for all except a set of Henkels in block. Magnetic are best. Sometimes the blade drags on the wood when inserting or removing from blocks, dulling the blade faster. The racks millions found are really nice... Nicer than mine. I especially like the way you can hang skillets on them too. All of millions suggestions are endorsed by me too, especially numbers 2 & 3
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Go for a wall rack.  Keep your counter top clear for prep work.

A double-sided magnetic system to hold the rack to a refrigerator is a good idea (as MillionsKnives's link shows).

If you do not want to use screws or nails to hold the rack to a wall, then consider using 3M "Command" removable adhesive strips.  Use enough to hold the weight (but keep the tabs accessible).  They are good for painted surfaces and plaster surfaces.  I would hesitate to use them for any printed surface, such as wallpaper.

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