Waste nothing... even human waste?

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Strictly speaking, what they're doing is extracting protein from the waste. This is the sort of thing I think will need to be done to allow things like long-distance space travel, but has little application on earth.

Right now, we reprocess waste into food all the time. Our waste goes back into the system and is recycled as plants, eaten by animals, which we then eat... a much more palatable method as far as I'm concerned. My meat is far enough removed from my waste that I don't need to think about it. More directly, we deliberately fertilize fields with manure and other animal waste, where all the undigested nutrients are recycled into the plants.

I see this new science just a way of accelerating the natural process. It's perfectly good protein, but far too close to the waste for us to forget where it came from.  Not the sort of thing most people can consciously eat.
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Those Japanese scientists did too much work.

The fish do it for free.

If you've ever gutted or cleaned fish and happened to cut open the stomach by mistake, guessy guessy what fish eat?  Animal or human, the fish don't care.........

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