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So once again it is raining here in Wisconsin!!! The huge pond I call a backyard had just dried up when the most recent line of storms filled it up again, and by the looks of things, there is no end in sight. That really bites for all the plants I planted this year. The rhubarb, the red & black raspberries, tomatoes and herbs are looking as though they are going to just wither away, and I am sure that most of the seeds I have planted have just rotted in the ground. And still the grape vines that I have yet to get into the ground and may not before they die. I hate to think of all the money down the drain as well as all that time and effort. But, maybe I am being too pessimistic. They might still yet survive, if this rain ends soon. As an up side though, I have never seen tarragon as big and as lush as mine is right now. And I have more Lemon Balm than I can make tea with for a year!!!
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Pete, was that you I just saw swim by my living room window?? I live a mile from Pewaukee Lake, but I may just go out and stock up on sandbags. :eek:

Pity about all your hard work and hopes sloshing away like that.


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Have you looked into raised beds? Sounds like you need some VERY raised beds.


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