WASA and Yogurt Cheese

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The other day I made yogurt cheese and with a 24 hour rest in the fridge, the cheese tasted fine.  Four or five days later, the cheese firmed up and "ripened or soured" a bit and tasted really better.  What flavor.  Now, a week later, I took some of the cheese and spread it on a slice of WASA HEARTY CRISPBREAD along with some chives and freshly ground pepper sprinkled on top.  Heaven.  I'm there and beyond.  What a great flavor for an hor d'oeuvre or appetizer or whatever it's called.  Great taste.
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I usually stir minced green olives in mine when it's first made. I'll have to try your flavor. Sounds good!
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Wonderful to see you writing about yogurt cheese. Yogurt cheese (or YoChee as we call it) is a wonderful versatile ingredient you can make at home to improve your own yogurt. (Yogurt cheese actually makes itself with the assistance of gravity.) It has substantial health and taste benefits (a creamy food which is low or no fat plus high protein and calcium). We like it so much we wrote a cookbook and guide to expand its uses. I hope you will take a look at[B,” Eat Well the YoChee Way” [/B]our guide and cookbook to this important food. It really increases the use of yogurt cheese to main courses, soups, sauces, desserts, and much more. (Nutritional content included). Our website YoChee.com contains a free yogurt cheese how -to slide show.
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