Was looking for info on Chef's knives and got it. decided to join. hi all. im a noobsters

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Hi all, mid 20's guy. love food and wanna learn how to cook for people so i dont eat out as often but im still eating great food. I cook a lil its hit or miss on good stuff. i mostly stick to easy breezy stuff and hope to work my way up. I love cardcaptor sakura as u can tell. say HI if you totally know what that is. yummy things are always yummy :) oh yeah. how do you make a signature on this thing? i cant figure it out.
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Welcome to the forums of Cheftalk.

You should repost your questions in the relevant fora on here, for instance the knife question in the 'equipment' forum!  This forum is generally just to say hello - and to allow us to welcome you! 

The membership of Cheftalk is from around the globe and all levels of expertise, so most questions will get a speedy answer or two.  The articles, photographs, wikis and blogs on the site are worth a minute of your time, too.  The photographs will certainly give you something to aspire to as you become a more proficient cook - I know they made me drool when I first viewed them!  The professional fora are read-only for those of us who are not in the culinary professions - but you can learn a lot from reading them.

I hope you will join in on any thread you find of interest, or start your own in the relevant forum.


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Welcome. We have some serious knife experts here so join in on the knife forums.
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