warped by the industry need suitable friends

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just started working in vancouver and really miss my last kitchen buddies... nothing like being shoulder to shoulder under unbearable heat and pressure to fuse loving? friendships.

Thrilled to meet bc restaurant staff with something to say
ok thrilled to meet cooks with absolutely nothing to say too
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Welcome to ChefTalk, liebkuchen! I see you're a pastry chef as well as working the line. You'll find plenty of great people here to hobnob with. We'd love to hear more about you here in the Welcome Forum, and look forward to your posts on the board.

BTW, liebkuchen are a favorite of mine. If you have a favorite recipe, please post it in one of the pastry forums or the recipe exchange forum.

Nice to meet you!
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Hi there, I just moved to Van about four months ago, I love eating in the restaurants here but the only job I have been able to get so far is line cooking at RedRobin, you want to talk about hot?, oy', this line is the hottest I have ever worked, there should be a rule about putting more than 1,000,000 btu's in one line station!! So welcome to lotus land, if you ever want to get together for shop talk, preferably over beer, but coffee will do, just drop me a line, all the guys at work are too young and talk about nothing but boobs and booze and all my roomates friends are inbred pressure washers who wouldnt know a Henkell from a $1.95 steak knife.
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Now those are two great posts.:bounce: :bounce: have I mentioned:bounce: :bounce: how muchI love little green bouncy guys?

Sounds like we'd have a blast together...if we were in the same corner of the globe. Fraid its an awfully long commute to up there from here. So I guess wed have to be content to conversalate here.
Yeaaaaaaaaah I know theres no such word...Im just in one of those moods lately.
But really..welcome to the asylum.
Pull up a prep kid and sit down.
Smoke em if ya gottem....
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