Warm greetings from Ecuador

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Hey Guys

I´m Anabel, I´m so happy to be here, I really love cooking. I don’t know if you have ever tried Ecuadorian food but I like to share with you the food from my country, and I also like to learn from your tips and hints from everyone here.


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Welcome to Cheftalk! We're happy to have you, and we're very excited to learn more about your food, so please share!
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Yep, happy to learn about Ecuadorean food.
I've seen some recipes and they sound real tasty.
One problem for me are the ingredients. I can't always get them.
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Thank you very much for your welcome

That is right, unfortunately for people who live abroad it is difficult to get the ingredients, especially those that are harvested in Ecuador.

Among the best known dishes that we have in my country are:

Encebollado, It is a fish soup with red onion “onion in Spanish means cebolla from here the name”.
encebollado cocina-ecuatoriano.jpg

Guatita is made with the stomach of the cow and peanut paste.
guatita cocina-ecuatoriana.jpg

Fritada is pork fried in a bronze pan to give it a special flavor.
fritada cocina-ecuatoriana.jpg

The truth is that there are endless dishes such as potatoes with pork leather, yahuarlocro, espumilla, sometimes when I don't know how to prepare a dish, I guide myself with the help of this website https://recetas123.net It has helped me a lot, the recipes are easy to prepare.

little by little I would like to share recipes from Ecuador.
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