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I'm 26years amateur home chef living in Belgium. I found this forum after searching for some De Buyer pans. I signed up mainly to find some more info on good pans and pots. I think i'm a fine amateur cook and i would like my dishes as healthy as possible.

I like French and Italian kitchen the most, i like to eat meat (a lot of meat), seafood and all kinds of vegetables. 

Im tired of buying unhealthy pans and being confused by the cheap market where you can find mainly anti stick pans for cheap prices. After wasting my on money cheap pans, i finally decided it's time to invest on quality pans for good prices.

In the mean time i found De Buyer as best Quality/Price on the Belgium market. Since i still don't know the best price/quality brands in Belgium. I heard good things about De Meyere but unfortunately it's too expensive for me.

I like to order equipment on the internet and i still have research work to do...  Would like to buy price/quality pots for sauce and spaghetti too.

I'm cooking on a vitro ceramic hob.

Thanks to everyone helping me in my search for my new equipment.
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