Waring Convection Oven

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I need to buy a convection oven for my Coffee Bar. The use will be for pastries, cakes, pies & personal pizza. I've been offered a Waring, yet I do not know how good it is. Can anyone who has experinced with a Waring may advice me about its efficiency?
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When you say you were offered a Waring, does that mean it's free? And, btw, which Waring convection oven were you offered, as there are several different models out there?
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  Are you referring to a  very small counter-top oven? I'm not aware of any larger commercial oven from Waring.

If it's the counter-top one, I just picked up one for my father. I think it was like 269. or 289. at Cosco VS what my suppliers were quoting over 4-500..


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I have one of these that I use for my catering company.  It heats things up really well and I have also cooked creme brulee and it cooked it very even.  So pretty much I would say that they are great little ovens used for kitchens that need a small oven. 

One warning is that the outside does get very hot so do not place anything on top of by the sides of it.

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