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    I stumbled across this group this morning, I thought I would join rather than, " LURK " in the Shadows. I have been a Chef/Culinary Instructor for several years and although currently physically disabled, I still got all my Marbles, I think...Any way, I spend a lot of time talking about and practicing the Art of Smoking Meat and enjoy interaction with Pro Chef's and all Cook's in general. I have Two Cheffie Daughters, both will be Graduating from Culinary Schools this year. My oldest from the 4 year program at the CIA and the middle girl from the Culinary Arts program locally at Harrisburg Area Community College, my Alma Mater. Daughter #3, the Baby (16) likes to cook but has no plans to be a Food Service Professional. I am here to learn as well as educate where I can. I'm looking forward to a great time!...JJ
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    JimmyJ, Welcome! 

    Chef Talk is a great Community for anyone who has interest in food.

    Now, there’s more to the place than the Forums, the Articles, Reviews, Galleries and the Special Guest forum are interesting.  Please don’t forget us Home Cooks, as we are asked to read only in the Pro-forums.

    After going over the FAQ and the Community Guidelines and you have questions in regards to the website, PM a Mod or an Admin person.  Join the conversation and have a great time!

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    Welcome we are really glad to have you. We have a strong pro community you can talk shop with and if you have time share your knowledge with others in the non-pro forums. Let us know if you have any questions.