Wanting to go learn in france?? good or bad idea

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Hi i am currently in culinary school doing my first year and working in a fine dining restaurant. For the past few months i have really been into french cuisine and fine dining in general i just want to cook it more and more and my chefs have been telling me i should go study abroad in France where the magic really goes down. I am just not sure where to start and what the experience is like in real life cause I've seen it plenty in movies about chef going to france and such but id like to get info from someone that did it before. I have no idea where to start the idea is just in my head if i can get some pointers that be awesome! i also speak fluent french as its my first language so that wont be a problem at all!
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Does your school have an office for internships and stuff? Start there...you can't be the only one who has ever thought to go abroad for cooking. 

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