Want to buy a saute pan for high heat cooking, need recommendations

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Received a cash gift from a family member and wanted a gift that I would always have. I was set on a copper pan but after reading a few of the manufacturers websiteso they don't recommend high heat cooking.

Looking for a pan that could give a great sear and then make a great cream sauce.

I have a few cast iron pots already.

Would love some ideas and advice.


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A quality clad saute pan is not really intended for high heat. Medium High is all any on them recommend. High heat use will usually void the warranty. And the pan is more prone to warp and such on high heat. 

I think your technique is more likely to be the issue than the pan. You should be able to get the heat and sear you need in a good clad pan. As to the cream sauce after, that will depend on the  specifics of what you did before. The fond from searing and cooking a steak will not be well suited to a cream sauce as it will be too dark and heavy. Which is why a wine reduction is usually the choice for that. 

The clad pans from the major manufacturers are all good. All-Clad, Calphalon and so on. Tramontina makes a good clad pan at a much more reasonable price point that also performs well. 
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Thanks for your recommendation. Usually with steaks, I make a steak diane. Finish with cream off heat but does tend to get a bit dark at times.

Was just thinking about searing a nice fillet in a mauviel pan.
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