Wannabe Cakery Questions-

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Hi Gang-

I haven't been here in SO long! But now I have some questions and I just know I'll get some valuable input.

I've been the 'official' baker for my office and my husbands department for a year - mainly birthday cakes. And I've gained quite a reputation.

Recently, someone recommended me to a soon-to-be bride to do her wedding cake! :eek: I told her that I thought my skills were not quite fairly represented, but that I wasn't afraid to practice and give it a try. Turns out she's game, too! Cool-

Can I get into 'trouble' for doing this kind of thing out of my kitchen? Do I have to be careful how I present myself?

I'd sure appreciate any words of wisdom-

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You need to check State ordinances and sometimes city, too. I can't help you with California but you can start by contacting the agricultural department (at least that is our contact in OH).
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