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My cousin recently took on the GM role at the largest Wagyu stud in Australia. An interesting fact that has emerged from the posting is that generally speaking Wagyu as a breed are suffering from inbreeding because the original numbers that came from Japan to Australia and the US were not enough to sustain healthy breeding programmes. The problem was limited by Australia and the US sharing genetics but in the last couple of years it became impossible to not cross breed and as a result they have already started to see "issues". Here in Oz wagyu has only just started to hit it's stride, how popular is it in the states?
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It is my opinion that here it is a sought of status symbol for  a restaurant to feature it. I have had it and personally do not like the aroma or taste.  Maybe I lack the Palm Beach snobiness, I don't know ?.

    In any event we  had a function where the entree was filet of Wagyu. It is one of the few things we purchased pre cut and portion controlled into 6 1/2 ounce steaks. They cost us wholesale approx $24.00 each, or $1.85 a half ounce To me this is an insane way to keep up with the Jones's
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IMO the value of wagyu isn't in the ribeye or filet cuts.  After all, we've all got access to great cuts like that from our conventional beef.  A Wagyu round steak though beats the crap out of one from our conventional beef.
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In scientific terms wagyu has greater marbling and a higher ratio of tender meat fibres than any other breed. The next two best are Shorthorn and Angus and neither has the advantage over the other. The Angus marketing machine has however done a better job so it's more in favour. It doesn't present any better than the modern Shorthorn (though Angus used to) and the Shorthorn has it over the Angus with Marbling, thus generally making a more tasty meat.

In Wagyu they have found a line (major one) that has an incredible marbling (too much) and the result is; animals that are unhealthy and have poor yielding carcasses. The problem with that is that there is not enough numbers to start correcting the problems without further in breeding. They are attempting to solve the problem by introducing other breeds. Of course Wagyu is no longer Wagyu!!

Because the front half of the animal has such poor muscle to fat ratios its often not commercially viable to do any thing with it, so you have to double the price of the saleable portion to cover your losses. 

The tastiest breed combination that I have had is Shorthorn X Charolais. The meat wasn't that great but the fat was pretty special. 

Agreed on the rib eye etc, . 
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