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food pump, you must be rakin" it in if you own your own place and in vancouver no less. I'm sure you've lusted over those vodka bottles from time to time.
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20 seat? Is that all?


I've got a 16 seat, and no employees either. Mind you, it's not a'la carte, I do chocolates and pastries...and wholesale...and bulk orders.... Now if you'll all excuse me, I've got my work to do, then replace the "O" rings in the taps in the bathroom, then stock up on dairy and drygood, then....

Seriously though, I might be 'Raking it in", but it all goes back, to the bank, to the suppliers, to the Gov't, to the.... Not much sticking to my pockets.
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Enough for a good second income for our family. My husband is the breadwinner (he has always made at least double what I make.. dang graphics industry...lol) so my income supplements that and allows us to do the extras witht he kids... like going to Disney a few years a go and hopefully Europe this summer...
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