vulnerabilites on Mozilla Firefox

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    I got this e-mail from my employers, so I'm passing it along to others who also use (and love) Mozilla Firefox.

    Two vulnerabilities have been discovered in Mozilla Firefox which can be exploited to compromise a user's system. The exploit will allow arbitrary javascript code to be executed with escalated privileges via a specially crafted JavaScript URL. There are reports of the exploit surfacing already.

    Those of you using the Mozilla suite or Firefox browser on any platform are advised to disable javascript as well as software installation. It is highly recommended you take these temporary steps until Mozilla releases a fix for this exploit.


    Disabling JavaScript
    uncheck box at Tools...Options...Web Features..."Enable JavaScript"
    Disabling software installation
    uncheck box at Tools...Options...Web Features..."Allow web sites to install software"
    Please Note: You will not be able to successfully browse some websites with Javascript turned off.

    These steps are a temporary workaround until a security patch is released for Mozilla based browsers.

    For updates:
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    Good one :roll:

    No java and no post here! Here be postable only with java! Java make post possable!!;)

    Otherwise, thank you. FF has 2 security flaws! Hmmm, dang. IE gets that many a day! I think they are going to really have to work at it to match that level of vulerability. :D

    I love my FF, and the reality is many many others are also discovering the wonders of it. As people congregate, so do those with maliciouse intent. It is only a matter of time befor holes begin to show. There is no such place as a burglar proof place, someone wants in bad enough, they will find a way.