Vonshed 21 piece knife set

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I am new to the culinary arts i have recently purchased a vonshef 21 piece knife set as a start to get me going but thing is i dont know what knives are what only ones i know are steak knives and chefs knife i would be greatly appriciative if someone could take a look on the link provided and name the knives from top left to bottom right all help is welcomed and greatly appriciated
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That's a lot of soft Chinese made stainless with blocky rectangular handles..

I would take one good knife over that whole set. I suspect you will struggle through cooking. Don't get discouraged; it is partly your knife skills but mostly those knives.

On a positive note amazon is pretty good about returns
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I got some of these just to see what they are like - truly terrible is the only thing I can say. I know most of the Medium / low end market i.e. Viners, Most Sabatier and Arthur Price etc are made in china, but those stoop to whole new level of bad, Mine were scratched, thin badly made and with really cheap steel. Very poor indeed  
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