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Hi All,
I just returned from a trip to New York. My wife and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary in the big apple. We went to Vong for our anniversary dinner. I was very disappointed. The restaurant itself was gorgeous and the food was well above average in its execution and taste but nothing overly inventive. The crab roll appetizer was a major let down. I've had better in numerous SE Asian restaurants at a fourth of the cost. The major drawback was the service and whole atmosphere of the place. Maybe since my wife and I are still young and were not wearing leather or Armani we certainly felt like we did not belong. At any moment I thought one of our waitstaff was going to ask us to leave. We didn't even get our bottle of wine till we asked!!!...After our meal came!!!!!!! I guess they didn't think that we could afford it or something. I was very disappointed with the whole experience to say the least. Thankfully we didn't let it ruin our anniversary. Is this situation an anomaly or something that us common people should expect at nice restaurants?
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Happy Anniversary! My wife and I are celebrating our's this weekend (14 years...oh my god!). Anyway, I ate at Vong in Chicago. There was a huge hype about it opening a couple of years ago. I knew the pastry chef, and as it turned out, the chef d'cuisine. I found the food very good (not great, certainly not worth the $$$). However, I did'nt like the fact that I sat elbow to elbow with the patrons on each side of me. Our table for two was so small, the napkin could have doubled as a tablecloth(....Rimshot!) Service was pretty good, not snobbish. They say that a good review brings in 1 extra guest, but a bad review keeps away 5. I know I told five friends....and now I just told one thousand and five!


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I ate at Vong on New Years Eve and had the same experience, good, but not memorable.

The meal I had at the Ritz was a 100 times better.
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I ate at Vong NY a few years ago, and we had a great time. I know a lot of people there, because I worked in Jean-Georges' other restaurant, which shared a kitchen with Vong. We were comped more food than we could possibly eat, and there was nothing I didn't like. I did find it too loud, though.
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