Volunteer Opportunities while attending school

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I'm currently attending LCB in Orlando and the school often needs students to volunteer for "special events" at local resorts, theme parks, or private parties. Aside from the obvious experience you get from these events, are they worth the time and effort? I'm curious mainly because I've heard both sides of it, where "The chefs treated me like crap, and all i did was peel potatoes for 4 hours", or "It was the greatest culinary experience I ever had. I met great chefs, and even got offered an extern once I finish".  This comes mainly from the fact that such an opportunity has come up for me this coming weekend and I'm excited, but reserved.  Bocuse d’Or and Les Chefs de France are hosting with Thomas Keller.

your thoughts or personal experiences? 
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Go, check it out, you might learn something, you might not. Could be the greatest thing you ever did. If it sucks, don't do it again  .

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Absolutely take advantage of this. You will meet people, your school reps will notice and may ask you again, and you may learn something. 

The flip side is you don't do it and you never find out.

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