Vollrath Countertop Ovens

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Hey guys, I am looking at adding a second oven to my kitchen, for when the range oven is full and/or smaller jobs. I found these Vollrath "Cayenne" countertop convection ovens, in 120v and 240v, in 1/2 sheet pan and full sheet pan sizes. They seem compact, spec'd ok, and sort of maybe affordable.

Has anyone used these, would they be okay for general uses (baking bread, roasting meat/veg, broiling) or are they only good for baking rolls and the like?

When in use, how hot does the outside get? I assume too hot to touch for long, but is it dangerously hot - say, hot enough to brand you like a squealing calf if you accidentally brush up against it?

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They're not bad, but if you can, always get the full size, never the half size, as hotel pans won't fit and niether will most muffin pans.
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Newbie opening a small Cafe need advice QUICK...(need to make request today) recommendations for a 1/2 size Convection Oven and pros or cons of a glass front reach in fridge. (brand?) We are in a verrrrry small space in our local library. The city is helping w equipment. I had planned to buy a used Blodgett, but since they are purchasing it will be new --and that line is SO expensive. Anyone have a Vollrath Convection Oven? THANKS much!! 
oh, and PS--is it normal to be filled w anxiety??

(ps, Am replying to this question bcuz--

feeling a special kind of dumb, cuz I cannot figure out how to post a new question/thread...HELP?)
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Never used the Vollrath.  Like I said, half size are very small and you won't get muffin pans in there or anything wider than 13".

Glass front door fridges.....  Usually are gravity coil and made for canned/bottled beverages.  In a small hot kitchen the glass doors will sweat and fog, and get incredibly filthy--on the inside of the door.  If given a choice, opt for solid door, if not, the glass door will work, just looks like he77, thats all.
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I think maybe you are thinking about the 1/4 size Foodpump? A 1/2 size will take 1/2 sheet pans and will easily handle a hotel pan on each shelf. 

I haven' seen Vollrath but I have seen what RD has on display. I suspect Vollrath is better but even these were well built, not your typical toaster oven by any means. I think that your only problem might be that all but the smallest require a 220 volt/20 amp dedicated circuit. So seeing that this is a library, give that some thought.
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