Vision.. and I can see again!!

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 I had an optical emergency last week...

I am blind as a bat and for some reason I put my glasses on the bed and promptly sat on them while I was getting dressed. and yep they broke.  I had a very old pair in my sock drawer  (my mom always told me to save my old glasses just in case) so I was using the m in the meantime.

I went to the optical place in the local mall and they tested my eyes and yesterday  on the spot they made me a temoporary pair of glasses. 

It seems in my optical emergency and having to wear an eighteen year old pair of glasses a mistake was noticed.  My right eye has been conistently misdiagnosed and thier computer thingy caught it.  How strange is that?  So now I have to see a specialist just to make sure there is nothing funky going on. 

The optician was great too.. once he found out what I do for a living he threw in a second set of frames for free so I have work glasses and home glasses. He also did all of the upgrades on the lenses and did not charge me for them.  Much better than Hakim and I have found a new source for our family's vision needs.


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Glad you got a quick pair of replacement glasses. How are you doing after your eye surgery?
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Leniek - I know what you mean about sitting on glasses.  Take them off to get changed, then you can't see where you put them/ forget where they are, siddown then Oh Heck.... I keep an old spare pair of generic chemist glasses around just in case.  Can't read or drive without them, it's a pain.  Quite often at night I'll crash on the bed with them on, take them off at some stage and chuck them on the quilt.  Wake up in the early hours for a pit stop and have to grope around for them in the dark so as not to wake other half.  All good fun.

You're in the hands of a good optometrist so stick with them.
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 Hey Nicko, I ddin't need surgery.. I was just suffering from a case of stupidity.  /img/vbsmilies/smilies/redface.gif    I did manage to get a spatter burn to my left eyelid between pairs of glasses but that's a different thing.. I need to learn to look before I plant my backend down! 
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DC I hear ya.. what a pain that is!!  I do like the optometrist I found and I tookmy daughter there for her first pair of glasses.  Seems she is farshighted  I really like the frames she chose and we got a deal.  They were from the desinger side and while she said " I like these mom"  my reply was "my chequebook doesn't" and the owner was in earshot and said if she was set on them he'd give them to us for the discount price.. I was looking to spend $300 on her glasses and I ended up spending $350 and like he did for mine he tossed in the upgrades for free.

Here she is with her new look...

Boy do we ever need to paint!!!!!
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Hey they are nice glasses - now I'm jealous :) And a beautiful daughter.  Don't worry about the paint - don't sweat the small things.

Good deal on the glasses, I wish we could find an opt. like that here as 3 out of 4 of us wear them here and need upgrade them at least once a year.  Guess things may work differently over there, my last set were AUD1000.  Ok, they are Prada but I didn't buy them for that reason, they were the only ones in the shop that suited me.  Our private health fund covered some of it, but still, pricey.  It makes it tempting to go with the pharmacy glasses for !4.95, but in the long run that is no good.

I too hate the feeling when you know you are sitting on your goggles as I call them.  Only one to blame is yourself and that makes it worse /img/vbsmilies/smilies/blushing.gif
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They look great. I've always wanted to wear glasses but it's hard to find a pair for someone with 20/20 vision. All the ones I've tried on make everything go blurry.
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When I put my glasses on everything snaps into crisp techniColor - And I realize how bad my vision sucks.

I can read everything fine between zero and 20 feet. I can't reach stuff 20 feet away, so I it's cool I guess. : /
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I wore glasses for 5 years and then I went to a different optometrist and was told that I didn't need glasses that I had 20/20 vision and that I had basically been getting ripped off for the last 5 years and that all I needed was a good pair of sun glasses!!!!
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