viruses partII

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lol, well at least i can have a sense of humour about these things. I just got nailed by a nasty virus that avg totally ignored. while surfing funny vids i got a notice that flashplayer wanted an update. well i hadn't updated it in a while and it wasn't the first time it had been complaining about needing to update. welll , downloaded it and bam there it was. some program called antivirus live. like i said avg didn't see it coming, i didn't even think about it cause flash has always been so good to me. well after trying a couple of my old tricks i had to do a few hours of research to nail down the registry entries and eliminate it that way. then did a system restore to the day before i got the virus just to be safe. so here is the tip of the day if flashplayer wants an update, go to the website, don't trust just any ol notice.

while I am back up and working fine just figured you could all have a chuckle at my expense:p:lol:
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I'm sorry to hear that happened. The hackers sure hide these viruses in the least likely places!
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I just dumped AVG and loaded Avira.

For quite some time, it seemed AVG wasn't finding any new "Warnings" or such, as it had in the past. This went on for over a week and I know I'll usually get 2 to 10 "Warnings" and minro stuff in a day.

Turns out, AVG is having some issues.

It's possible their software has been corrupted.

Avira is a free download and works very well.

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